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Don’t let your couple of weeks in paradise turn into hell for your hair. Here are some simple ways to keep ‘holiday-hair’ at bay while you’re away, and give it a some much-needed TLC when you return to Brighton and Hove.
If chips are way down on your list of things you should be eating, and you are looking for foods that will wake you up, and boost your health, read on...
The sky has never been bluer over Brighton and Hove, and there has never been a better time to give your health and wellbeing a boost. Take a look at this guided tour of Brighton and Hove's excellent ways to chill, flex and bend and stretch yourself...
Following the success of the last 3 years, the traders of Brighton are taking part in another afternoon of free fashion at the Waterfront Hotel (formally Thistle) on Saturday 9th April.
Black Friday Deals in Brighton. Friday is almost upon us and many local local Brighton and Hove retailers have already unveiled their pre-Christmas on-line and in-store discount offers.
The UK's longest running Mind Body Spirit Festival comes to Brighton on 1-3 November 2013. The event will be held for 3 days at the Brighton Centre. Tickets available.
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