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Award winning Open House, Encounters Art Space, is once again opening its doors in Hove over the four weekends in May. They will be showcasing a variety of top international as well as local artists with work curated under a theme of 'Living Landscapes'.
Brighton Flipside - Beach Huts
Brighton Flipside - Beach Huts
How "prudish" wheeled contraptions evolved into one of the city's most recognisable landmarks.
Learn more about Gluck at the new exhibition which explores the life and work of this artist at Brighton Museum.
Did you know there have been three piers in Brighton?
Did you know there used to be a dozen bandstands in Brighton & Hove “back in the day”?
For residents of our sizeable and lively city, the proximity of Britain's newest national park is certainly a blessing, but the South Downs are not an easy subject to photograph...
I have recently received a comment under a windmill photo on a social media site from someone living in the US: “Wow, I had no idea that there were windmills in England”...
We all love the Lanes, the most picturesque and atmospheric place in Brighton. But have you ever wondered how they came into existence?
The Royal Pavilion & Museums have been short-listed in a nationwide competition to get top contemporary artists working with museums. Cast your vote for Spencer Tunick at Brighton Museums today...
Vote now for your favourite wildlife image in Sussex Wildlife Trust’s popular photographic competition Rain or Shine.
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