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Updated for 2018: A list of some of the best Halloween parties, events and celebrations in the Brighton and Hove and Sussex.
Whether you (and/or your kids) are knee-high, water-wingers or can cross the Channel under your own steam, there are lots of outdoor places - and ways - to cool down and try something new in the heat.
If everything goes pear-shaped, and the rain pours down, what to do with the kids – and yourself?
A visit to this summer Brighton Yoga Festival(14th and 15th July) will banish all traces of ‘beige’ from your body, and add colour to your view of the world.
Things to do from Friday 6th July to Thursday 12th of July. Festivals, Exhibitions, Theatre, Concerts, Dance, Comedy, Community: Find out what's happening this week in Brighton and Hove.
The sky has never been bluer over Brighton and Hove, and there has never been a better time to give your health and wellbeing a boost. Take a look at this guided tour of Brighton and Hove's excellent ways to chill, flex and bend and stretch yourself...
If the gentle pop of ball on racquet has got you inspired, there are plenty of ways to get in on the Wimbledon action.
Have you heard of Join neighbours getting together to celebrate the many facets that the city of Brighton and Hove has to offer - not least, each other's company! So get social with popular Meetup groups and make new friends in Brighton.
Here are some options for horse riding in Brighton and Hove..
Festivals in April in Brighton and Hove. Check out our list of Festivals and Outdoor Events for Spring 2018...
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