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It used to be a no-brainer – when you went away you would automatically check your dog into a kennel or your cat into a cattery. And there are plenty of good ones in and around Brighton and Hove. But there are also other options available. Here are some excellent ways to give yourself, and your pets, a proper break this summer.
The effort involved in getting ready to go on holiday can make staying at home in Brighton and Hove with your feet up and a cup of English tea seem tempting. But each year you remind yourself that making the effort to get away is well worth the effort. Here are some ideas to take some of the stress out of the week or two before your trip.
Whether you live here, or are planning a visit Brighton and Hove with your ‘man’s best friend’, the bestof team brings you some local options for accommodating, hanging out with, showing off, and pampering your pooch.
Sea Life Brighton Issues Urgent Plea for Ocean Pollution Prevention as Beach Cleaners are Overwhelmed by Tides of Rubbish
Are you thinking about getting a pet cat? If so, do you know how much it’ll cost to keep them fed, entertained, happy and healthy? Here’s our guide to some of the costs of keeping a cat.
We have our fair share of homeless dogs looking for loving owners in our city. With Christmas on the way, we thought it’d be good to look at the real cost of keeping a dog.
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