How much does an emergency plumber cost?
13th November 2013
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How much do emergency plumbers cost? Some guidelines on how much to expect to pay an emergency plumber to deal with clogged toilets, leaking pipes, burst pipes and blocked drains, by Dan Warburton of local company 247 Drainage UK.

We take our water supply for granted in the UK, after all we certainly get plenty of the stuff pouring from the skies and ruining our summers, so we may not give enough thought to it. Turn on the tap, water comes out, turn the tap off, it stops. Simple. Flush the loo, waste goes away, flush it again an hour later, guess what – the cistern’s full of water again.

However when your home’s water starts to make its way into places that it does not belong, like spurting from a pipe all over the floor, the damage can be swift and costly.

The key to limiting the damage in these situations is to act quickly - by contacting an emergency plumber you can keep the cost of repairs to a minimum and get your house back to normal as soon as possible.

Emergency plumbers get called out for all sorts of plumbing problems, but the most common are frozen or burst pipes, and blocked drains and toilets. But how much will it cost to call out an emergency plumber in these situations? Let’s see: 

1. Burst Pipe

This is the most common cause of a water emergency in the home, and is one that definitely requires you to act fast. Depending on which pipe has burst (how much water it carries and what pressure it’s under) the damage can be minor or very substantial. Turn your water off at the stopcock first and then call an emergency plumber. If you know where the burst is and where (if) it has an isolation valve, you can turn the valve off and then restore the water to the rest of the house by turning the stopcock back on.

Typical cost – from £50 to £100 depending on the time of day and time required to solve this.

2. Blocked drain 

Once you have a drain that starts to back up and overflow out of the sink, or back into a washing machine or dishwasher, it can quickly become a very messy and dirty watery problem. If you can’t alleviate the blockage yourself, it will be faster to bring in an emergency plumber to take care of the situation. The plumber will know the most likely spots for the clogs to occur, and will have the proper tools to remedy the problem.

Typical cost – from £80 to £120 depending on whether the drain is an internal or external and whether the drain requires jetting or not.

3. Overflowing Toilet

There may not be a nastier mess inside a home than a toilet that is overflowing - imagine flushing the loo and the water just building up in the bowl and not stopping. The problem may be as simple as a blockage in the drain (simple to figure out, not always simple to fix) but there can be other causes as well. A professional emergency plumber will diagnose and fix the issue quickly to prevent any damage from getting worse.

Typical cost – from £80 to £120 depending on whether the drain is an internal or external and whether the drain requires jetting or not.

4. Frozen Pipes

If your water suddenly stops flowing during a cold snap, it could be a frozen pipe, especially in an older house where the water pipes may not be lagged in the loft for example. You will usually realise you have a frozen pipe because the water stops flowing from one or more taps, or your central heating boiler starts making a racket and shutting itself off. Don’t make the mistake of trying to heat the pipes yourself to get water flowing again; an experienced plumber will know the proper procedures to un-freeze the pipes without bursting them, and will be able to insulate them to avoid future incidents.

Typical cost – from £80 to £120 depending on whether the drain is an internal or external and whether the drain requires jetting or not.

The time you spend trying to fix problems like this yourself before calling in the professionals will only serve to further the damage. Get on the phone to an emergency plumber right away and get your water supply back to full health double-quick.

If you’re in the Brighton and Hove area and suffering from a blocked drain or blocked toilet, contact us - your local emergency plumbers - 247 Drainage UK. We have four vans operating in Sussex, so we will nearly always have one in the Brighton area; this means we can often be with you within an hour of your call.

Our engineers also have the equipment to do CCTV surveys of drains to identify stubborn blockages, and to make sure unblocked drains are going to stay unblocked. 


Call us on 01273 289 362 or view our website.

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