How Much does a New Front Door Cost
22nd February 2018
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Your front door is the first thing people will see when they're visiting your house.  If you'd love a new one, here is an idea of what it will cost you to get a nice chap to come out to your Brighton and Hove home to fit one for you.

Clearly, there are a large number of factors that affect how much a door costs such as what material it is made of, if it has decorative features or is plain, what security features it has and whether it requires a new frame or not.  This makes it very difficult to give any accurate figures but here is a rough idea.

PVC Doors

The main advantage of these types of doors is that they come in a huge variety of styles, colours and finishes including woodgrain effects but the standard white frame and door is the cheapest.  A standard mid range quality door costs approximately £600 to £900 but cheaper versions are available as well as the higher end versions.

Added security features and special door furniture like post boxes and handles will make them more expensive.

Composite Door with a PVC Frame

These types of doors are made of fibreglass and reinforced with steel so they look great but are also very strong.  They're becoming increasingly popular and, like the PVC doors, are available in a huge variety of styles and colours.  For a mid to high end version of these, you are looking at around £800 to £1,200 with flag or sidelight windows costing slightly more.

Aluminium Door with Decorative Panel

Decorative panels in doors seem to go in and out of fashion but we've seen quite a few really nice ones around Brighton and Hove.  You can have one in your lovely new aluminium door for around £1,000 to £1,500.

Timber Door

Here is where you get the greatest variation in price.  Types of wood and how much glass detailing you add to the door will affect the price hugely.  A typical mid range timber door is around £1,000 to £2,000 or more depending on the style and material.

Fitting Costs

Obviously, different types of door require different amounts of time and effort to fit but, on average, it is roughly half a day's work to fit a door.  Extra materials such as trim fixing sealant need to be added in to the cost so a fully fitted door which costs around £600 on its own would cost £1,300 all inclusive.

These are very rough 'ball park' figures.  For a much more accurate quote, call Chris  Churchill of  EHC Windows and Doors  on 07708 369585.

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