Damp and asthma: studies show a link between damp and asthma
1st November 2017
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Dampness is a very common problem in homes and especially during the winter, UK homes are susceptible to developing a damp problem.

Asthma is one disease that may be partially caused by dampness and mould. After reviewing several studies that link asthma and damp, the World Health Organisation (WHO) concluded that people who live in damp, mouldy buildings are 75% more likely to develop respiratory issues or asthma than people who live in buildings with good air quality. Children especially are very sensitive to damp and mould.

Besides its potentially harmful health effects, damp and mould can also cause serious damage to your home and even hurt its structural integrity. Taking this into mind, it is clear that keeping damp and moist out of your home is something you should be concerned about.

To protect yourself and your family from the harmful effects of damp and mould, it is advisable that you install damp proofing in your home. Properly installed damp proofing will significantly decrease the chances of damp entering your home. A professional damp proofing service can help keep your house damp and mould-free.

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