Boiler not working? Here is what you can do!
5th March 2018
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The recent weather and freezing temperatures can have a huge knock on effect to the boiler system and therefore the heating/hot water can stop working. There are a few simple changes you can do to prevent the pipework from freezing and in turn affecting your heating/hot water. Please pass on to family and friends as it may be helpful for them too!

Step One:-

Leave the heating on 24/7 during this cold spell as most call-outs are for frozen condense pipes - Leaving the boiler running will minimise the chance of this happening ergo being without heating for some amount of time.

Step Two:-

Should the boiler stop working please try pouring hot water from a kettle down the kitchen sink repeatedly and also directly onto the condensate pipe itself located outside the property. You can find loads of videos and advisories to direct you how to do this online. This will unfreeze the pipe and should hopefully get the boiler up and running.

Step Three:-

Try turning the boiler off and then after 10 seconds back on, this should hopefully fire up the system to start working again.

Side note - A common fault that has been occurring is ‘flame failure’.  This can be represented in different ways depending on boiler make/manufacturer. This would indicate the problem is due to the condensate, so please refer back to step two.

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