How secure are your passwords?
9th January 2018
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Do you take precautions with your passwords? What makes a secure password?

Let’s go ask the boys.

Reece says its best to have a total random mixture of letters (upper & lower case), symbols, & numbers. It’s also best to try to have different passwords for each different application you use. Or to at least have some difference in the passwords. – One super secure password is no good if somebody figures it out.

If you struggle with remembering random letters and numbers, Toby advises leeting a word. Leeting is wh3n y0u cr34te w0rd5 w1th numb3rs 1n th3m. Although top hackers will check leeted words, it will make it more difficult for colleagues and people around you to remember them. Always mix in some other randomness.

Mark suggests a ‘passphrase’ might be best, a few random words strung together, they will be easy to remember but difficult for a computer to crack. Maybe try a rule like always using a colour and animal and a name. Add some symbols and numbers in for good measure and away you go. – Gr33npUff1n0sc@r

Here are the world’s 25 most common used passwords of 2017 – and the biggest no no’s to give you an idea of what NOT to do:

1.         123456

2.        123456789

3.        qwerty

4.        12345678

5.        111111

6.        1234567890

7.        1234567

8.        password

9.        123123

10.      987654321

11.       qwertyuiop

12.      mynoob

13.      123321

14.      666666

15.      18atcskd2w

16.      7777777

17.      1q2w3e4r

18.      654321

19.      555555

20.     3rjs1la7qe

21.      google

22.     1q2w3e4r5t

23.     123qwe

24.     zxcvbnm

25.     1q2w3e

So, why don’t you drop your passwords into an email to us and we tell you how secure they really are…

WAIT! THAT WAS A TRICK… and you almost fell for it!

Be wary of people asking for your passwords, even if they know some personal info about you, always make sure you know the person or company and can verify who they are.

But you can try it in this secure website -

It would take 10 millions years for mine to be cracked… tell us how long it would take for yours to be cracked. For real this time. 

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