Top tips to keep your computer secure this festive period
7th December 2017
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Full Circle IT Solutions offer their 5 tips if you have any PC’s or tablets in the workplace to make sure they’re protected from damage, thieves etc.

Here are 5 tips about security of equipment:

  • Backup data – It is so important that all data on your PC is backed up onto an external hard drive or DVD during the festive period and then taken home with you, or even backed up onto a cloud. Just in case anything happens, you can retrieve your files.
  • Turn everything off – We don’t mean just computers, everything such as printers, routers, modems, monitors etc. If you disconnect from the internet, hackers are less able to hack into your devices. Also, by turning everything off, it reduces the risk of a fire or damage to your equipment.
  • Install anti virus – This doesn’t just apply to your computers, make sure your tablet devices and computers all have an anti-virus programme in place and make sure that all your programmes are up to date before you leave for Christmas, especially if you’re not going to power everything off.
  • Hide your equipment – Thieves will be out and about during Christmas, so make sure you remove all temptation, don’t leave your devices on show, lock away the devices, and make sure all the blinds are shut. It would be even better if you were able to take laptops and tablets away with you.
  • Passwords- Make sure all of your equipment is password protected, in case anyone gets into your place of work, they are unable to access the equipment due to a password.

If you would like any more advice, give Full Circle IT Solutions a call on 01204 684051. 

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