Start writing for National Blog Posting Month this November
15th October 2014
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November has a special place in our heart at the best of Bolton, because it’s National Blog Posting Month, and of course, here at the best of Bolton we love writing blogs!

We produce hundreds of blogs every year for our members, letting the world know about a new product, introducing their staff members, promoting their seasonal events, basically anything that happens in their business, we blog about it! We even write blogs for our businesses own websites so as to generate traffic on their own pages too.

We offer this service to any business that needs it, not just our members. Blogs can take a long time to plan, produce and publish, especially if it is on something complicated. Also blogs should be updated on a regular basis, so that everyone following them always have something new to read when they visit the page. Call us on 01204 382785 to find out more or email

Blogs are very similar to newspaper or magazine articles. They are usually published online and cover every topic imaginable, from more popular things like football and Coronation Street to more niche things like stamp collecting. Blogs can reach the most powerful people in society, like politicians and journalists, and the most successful blogs of all can generate an income for the authors. 

So what is stopping you? Get blogging now for National Blog Posting Month 2014. 

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