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It's been quite a turbulent time since the Brexit result on Friday morning. Maybe it's time we just ignored the politicians!
7 Tips for answering calls
7 Tips for answering calls
I thought this too good not to share. Factotum, a professional call answering service based in Exning have kindly listed 7 tips for answering telephone calls when running a business.
In a recent chat with the office manager at Jacobs Allen, Sheila Burke we discussed finding interesting topics for a blog discussion. Not so easy you may think for an accountant, as it might be for a restaurant or personal trainer… far from it- over the next few weeks we will challenge various B2Bs to get us excited about things we should (but probably may not ) be aware of- yet effect us all. TAX IS A BIGGY
From spare parts for household appliances and vehicle rescue and recovery services to computer maintenance and repairs, if you have a bit of an emergency, Newmarket's independent businesses can come to the rescue!
Bin problems?
Bin problems?
Cold weather, freezing temperatures and too much rubbish can cause issues for your refuse collections.
Don't get caught out over the holidays – ensure you know when those discarded gift boxes, wrapping paper and waste are to be collected.
The Self Centre's 24 tips
The Self Centre's 24 tips
For a stress free christmas.
The nights are getting colder and darker, so make sure you remain safe on the roads.
Sorry to spring it on you but there are only ten weeks to go until Christmas but it's not too late to be the belle of the ball
1st October 2012 saw new legislation come into force, which outlaws private companies that clamp often unsuspecting drivers.
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