Bin problems?
21st December 2012
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During cold and wet weather it is often the case that bins will freeze. This can lead to the collection team being unable to take all of your refuse, leaving you with a half full bin to last until the next time they come around.

But you can do some simple things to alleviate this situation.

Food waste is a main culprit when it comes to a frozen lump being stuck at the bottom. Make sure it is all wrapped and bagged first. 

After your next collection, place a sheet of cardboard or a newspaper in the bottom of the bin. This will prevent the ice clinging to the inside of the base.

Try and keep the bin somewhere less likely to freeze during the week. Not next to the fire in the front room, but a shed or garage.

Don’t forget your bin days! A fuller bin is more likely to be compressed. Alternatively, if you are getting full and you are worried you can take the bags to the recycling centres in Milton and Thriplow near Newmarket.

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