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Grab your gym kit and get on your indoor bike. Here's my experience attended Spinning, Pursuit and Turbo Classes at Peake Fitness. And 5 reasons why you might want to give it a try
Personal training isn't just for the world of celebs and super fit. There are many reasons why us mere mortals would do well by working with a PT.. here are just 10...
Just before the Summer holidays started, I completed my first 30 day session with PT Josie Pavey, as the first part of my Peake Fitness 90Day Fitness Challenge. It’s been fantastic seeing my fitness levels increase & the noticeable improvement in my running.
I'm always up for a challenge, whether its belly dancing, hulu hooping or running a half marathon, but I've agreed to take on 90 Day Challenge at Peake Fitness, Stoke by Nayland. Wish me luck on my journey to become a lean mean fitness machine!
Body Attack is a cardio exercise class held every Thursday at Peake Fitness, Stoke by Nayland Hotel. I gave it a go, to see how it could help improve my fitness
A few months ago, I set myself a challenge (and I do love a challenge) to run my first half marathon. But to do that I need focus and motivation. Here's how Peake Fitness helped
Now the better weather is here, why not get outside and run
From the Men's IFF Challenge to the Ladies LGU Coronation Foursomes, find out all of the latest results from your local golf club.
From the Suffolk Winter Alliance to the Ladies Midweek Stableford, it's been a busy week at Haverhill Golf Club.
If you missed the latest game between Haverhill Rovers and Thetford Town you will find the results and match report here...
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