Haverhill has just what you need to get gorgeous in time for the festive season!
17th October 2012
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Remember last year, when you vowed that by 'this time next year' you would be svelte and lovely?

Remember scouring the shops for that classy, eye popping frock that would make heads turn, and ending up yet again with an outfit that had more to do with camouflage than glamour. And let's not even go down the industrial strength underwear route that saw you unable to sit down for the entire office party.

If like me you're looking in the mirror wondering where it all went wrong, and resigning yourself to yet another festive season spent at best as the one in the classic (boring) LBD, or at worst skipping the celebrations altogether in favour of sitting miserably in front of re-runs of Only Fools and Horses with a tin of Quality Street for company, then think again.

It's NOT too late to get into shape in time for Christmas. What's more it's not even that difficult!

Come along to the NEW Slimming World group, with new Consultant Tania at a new venue. Like all Consultants, Tania joined Slimming World as a member and fully understands the challenges that joining a group, losing weight and maintaining your weight loss can bring. Offering a warm welcome, support and guidance Tania's commitment to your weight loss success could see you getting to Christmas with last year's Resolution achieved.

Slimming World's unique food optimising programme means there are no special foods to buy, no exclusion from family occasions and no deprivation leading to the starve/binge trap of unrealistic weight loss methods.

And if you join Slimming World before the 3rd November you can get HALF PRICE membership! Join with a 12-week Countdown course and you’ll also get two free weeks (out of 12) and a FREE copy of the Little Book of Sauces recipe book.

After that bring a new member and get a week free for yourself. On the Slimming World programme you can expect a loss of 2-3lbs per week depending on how much you have to lose. Call it 2.5lbs and Christmas will see around 25lbs less of you!

If you REALLY want to kick your own butt into shape in time for Christmas, and who doesn't, you could increase your weight loss considerably by throwing some exercise into the mix! Now before you groan and have visions of hours on the treadmill or jogging round the park in the rain, check out what Haverhill Leisure Centre has to offer.

A huge range of Health and Fitness classes are available, and the emphasis is as much on having fun as it is on getting fit. Classes include Aqua Aerobics, Body Pump, Boxercise, Circuits, Kettlecore, Legs, Bums and Tums, Pilates, RPM, Yoga and Zumba. There has to be something for everyone amongst that little lot! And if you try one and don't like it... try another one!

Classes run throughout the day and evening to ensure everyone has the opportunity to join in. And try to rope in a couple of friends, a class is always that little bit more appealing with the promise of a white wine spritzer (permitted on the Slimming World plan!) at the end of it!

Contact details for Slimming World can be found on our Events page and more about Haverhill Leisure Centre on our Business pages. So what are you waiting for? Commit to get fit and only the goose will be getting fat this Christmas!

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