Computer on the blink? Washing machine broken? Car playing up? Who in Newmarket can help?
1st August 2013
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There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling when something goes wrong.

thebestof Newmarket has a wide range of businesses and services at your disposal, and all of them have been recommended to us as genuinely amongst the best in the area. 

So we have decided to take a look at a few of the local people who you might not think about until you need them and are really glad they are not only just around the corner.

And remember, all of our testimonials have been submitted by our businesses' customers, meaning that you have the peace of mind of knowing that you will be getting excellent service.

All Appliance Spares

It’s happened to most of us at one point or another. You get the vacuum cleaner out, plug it in and switch it on, and there’s a pop, a flash and then silence, or the lamb chops under the grill are taking a suspiciously long time to cook.

Whatever the problem with your vacuum cleaner, tumble dryer, dishwasher, cooker or washing machine, if you live in or around Newmarket, All Appliance Spares can help with their fast and efficient spares and repairs service.

Manchetts Rescue and Recovery

You sit in your car and turn the key, and nothing happens. Or you are halfway down the road when steam starts to seep out from the edges of your bonnet. Or worse, a loud crack and the engine dies.

You’re stuck in a tonne of metal which no longer moves when you press the pedals. And you need help. You might not have membership of one of the big boys, or perhaps they have quoted you several hours before they can come to your aid. 

Manchetts Rescue and Recovery is a fast, efficient motorcycle and car recovery service who can deal with anything from a flat tyre to recovering your commercial vehicle. With three generations, spanning 40 years, of experience, their fast response time  operating from two specialist centres, will have you back on the road as soon as possible.


In an age where information is everything and online connectivity can make or break your business, you simply can’t afford to be without your computer for too long, Losing your online connectivity can lose you vital e-mails, whilst a malfunctioning computer can completely decimate your business until you can get back into your files.

TBM in Newmarket employ manufacturer trained engineers, with assurances that all maintenance and repair is undertaken by specialists who are up to speed on the latest software.

TBM can work on and off site, at your business or your home to solve any IT issues you might have.

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