Ignore the Politicians and let's stick together
28th June 2016
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The last few days have been quite turbulent. A nation has divided opinion on whether voting to leave the EU was the right thing to do. Markets are, not surprisingly, unsettled, Labour and Conservative political parties all over the place and I hope the racial abuse I’ve seen on reported on social media isn’t becoming an increasing trend.

I won’t lie, Friday’s result was not what I was hoping for. However, I’m not going to crawl under a giant rock of self-pity. I’m going to do what we all should do; brush ourselves down and get back to business.

We live in a beautiful part of the country. We have some great local businesses, many of whom I work with as members of thebestof Sudbury, or speak to at the networking events I organise.  The heart of my business, is promoting and supporting the best local companies, encouraging the community to buy local, attend local events and get involved.

Never has this been so important. I can’t predict the future, but I do know if we continue to buy from local businesses, we will have a positive impact on our local economy; Buy a pint of your locally brewed beer at your local pub, that employs local people to serve and cook for you, who buys meat from the local butcher, who supports the local farmer and so on. The positive chain reaction is obvious.

For businesses, never before has it been more important to engage with your local community. You may not be able to influence what happens in Westminster, but you can continue to provide great services and products to your customers. Your expertise, your great customer service and your passion for your business will always be your strength and help you weather whatever storm lies ahead.

So, don’t let the chaos of what’s happening around Brexit dictate the success of your business, your career or your community.

Let’s stick together, support each other and buy local! If you want a Buy Local sticker for your shop or business window, or would like to chat with me about how I can help your business stand out, get intouch!

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