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Can you guess the link between Jeremy Beadle, Malcolm McLaren, Douglas Adams, Cruella De Vil, and the West Suffolk market town of Sudbury?
Happy Towel Day
Happy Towel Day
Today is Towel Day. Read why it exists & why is stonemason Neil Luxton holding a towel with Winnie The Pooh on it?
There really is something for everyone at The Quay this Summer. Take a look and see what treats they have in store for you
Ever wondered why and what April Fools' Day is all about? Where it started and why people play pranks on each other on the 1st April? We've done a bit of digging and have discovered a few theories. Do you agree with them?
On 4th July, our friends across the pond, celebrate Independence Day. There may be many that don't realise one of their nation's early settlers, originated from Edwardstone just a few miles from Sudbury
Students at a school named after one of the country’s famous artists have begun benefitting from an exclusive gallery space in the heart of their building.
Between 1914 and 1918, from the Suffolk village of Hartest, which lies eight miles from Sudbury, a group of men went to war. Ordinary men, butchers, farmers and carpenters went to serve their country.
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