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Despite these challenging times, one local business has set up a campaign to promote shopping local to support small independent businesses.
11 Odd Valentine's Day Myths
11 Odd Valentine's Day Myths
Murdered Bishops, unusual foods.. here are 11 rather unusual myths about Valentine's Day
It’s that time of year when flowers are sent, anonymous cards posted from a secret (or not so secret) admirer and love is in the air.
February is the month for romance and if you are looking forward to Valentine’s Day why not come to Sudbury to have a meal, go shopping, visit the exhibition at Gainsborough’s House or take a romantic walk along the river.
Historically, on Valentine's Day we have celebrated love and the person that we are with, want to be with or care about. Whether this be through the exchanging of cards or gifts or spending the day just being together, the 14th February is renowned for being expensive. But it doesn't have to be Patsy Boaler-Hysett shares a few ideas of what you can do this year that won't break the bank.
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