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Many people mistakenly believe that chiropractic is just for spinal conditions alone. Alexander Smith, a chiropractor based in Sudbury, Suffolk, explains how running related injuries can be helped through chiropractic treatment
Alexander Smith Chiropractor, based in Zest Gym, Sudbury doesn't just fix spine and back related issues. As an amateur runner with a couple of ongoing and persistent injuries, Alex has helped the pain in my foot and lower leg.
New Business Launches in Sudbury to tackle rural isolation amongst the older generations
Penny from thebestof Sudbury takes on a new challenge at Peake Fitness Gym - the Technogym #letmoveforabetterworld challenge
There are so many reasons to give yoga a go and incorporate this unique exercise into your life. Here are 8 reasons to love a bit of yoga.
A few months ago, I set myself a challenge (and I do love a challenge) to run my first half marathon. But to do that I need focus and motivation. Here's how Peake Fitness helped
With the festive season now upon us, many people find this time of year particularly stressful so here Sue's tips to help
New Positive Psychology Business Moves to Sudbury to help overcome Phobias, Stress and Depression
Did you know that seasonal affective disorder (SAD) has been proven in a number of recent studies not to exist. Many people attribute the cold weather and lack of sunlight to their lows moods during the winter. Dr LoBello et al in their recent study published by the Association of Psychological Science in the USA, suggested that being depressed in the winter months is not evidence that someone is depressed due to winter
Despite this being the 21st Century, mental health illness is still a taboo subject for many. World Mental Health Day on 10th October gives the opportunity to break through the wall of silence and give hope, advice and strength to those affected by mental illness. Bethany Mayhew explains why World Mental Health Day is important to her, as a Sixth Form student,
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