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This July, I entered the Nayland 10km - a stunning route around the lovely village of Nayland and it's probably the toughest race I've completed yet
Alexander Smith, the Sudbury based Chiropractor, is now the proud sponsor of Jack Wilkins' Stock Car
Peake Fitness ran a 4 week Marathon Month- 42km in 4 weeks - and they set me the challenge
Now the winter weather is hopefully behind us and Spring is just around the corner, my mind turns to upping those fitness levels, kickstarting my running training and shedding a few pounds
Nutritional therapists apply nutrition science to promote health and well-being.
Sudbury Physiotherapy Centre welcomes Candice Van Eeden, their new Nutritional Therapist
Staying fit takes dedication and commitment, sometimes finding the motivation to maintain activities for leisure or daily living can be hard as age or health related changes set in.
Personal training isn't just for the world of celebs and super fit. There are many reasons why us mere mortals would do well by working with a PT.. here are just 10...
It’s a scientific fact, that those who exercise with a friend are more likely to stick to it and achieve their exercise goals
At the end of last month, my #90dayfitnesschallenge PT sessions, at Peake Fitness, Stoke by Nayland came to an end and boy, what a brilliant experience.
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