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Emily Smith is one of the physiotherapists at Physio Motive. She’s also qualified with an internationally recognised Diploma in Dry Needling and Medical Acupuncture. In this article, we explain a bit more about the treatment, what to expect and what sorts of injuries it can help.
If you're suffering from injury or condition that's causing your pain, do not sit in silence. You may want to visit a physio. Below is what you can expect when receiving treatment from Physio Motive, physiotherapists based at Zest Gym in Sudbury.
Unfortunately, when one gets to a certain age, parts of one’s body start to hurt. And, unfortunately, I have reached that age.
Meet Physio Motive founder Bradie
Meet Physio Motive founder Bradie
Want to know more about Bradie Clarke, the founder of Physio Motive? Take a look below
Emily Smith Joins Physio Motive
Emily Smith Joins Physio Motive
Emily Smith is part of the Physio Motive team at Zest Gym in Sudbury and specialises in women's health physiotherapy & equestrian physiotherapy
Please meet the latest business to join thebestof Sudbury - Bradie Clarke, founder of PhysioMotive, the physiotherapy clinic based at Zest Gym in Sudbury
Wardale Williams has been working hard to ensure you feel safe and don't miss important eye tests during the pandemic
By now, the Christmas Decs will be packed away, you'll be into the full swing of work and back to your regular routine. But how are those new year’s resolutions coming along? Still going strong? Still thinking about it or have you knocked them on the head and you're back on the sofa scoffing chocolate?
The Joy of Knitting
The Joy of Knitting
The Joy of Knitting - why I love it, why you should love it and how it’ll make the world a better place
New Business Launches in Sudbury to tackle rural isolation amongst the older generations
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