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Updating your Google Business profile regularly is beneficial for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for several reasons:
On 5th June, Sudbury Town Hall buzzed with activity as it hosted the annual Sudbury Business Expo from 3pm to 6:30pm. Preceding the main event, a lively speed networking session started at 1pm, bringing together 22 businesses and professionals. Each participant had the opportunity to engage with everyone in the room, fostering valuable connections.
The 6th Sudbury Business Expo was held on June 5th at Sudbury Town Hall. And it was once again a resounding success.
One of the great things about independent small businesses, is they all have a story to tell, delicately spun into the fabric of the local community
Want to get in front of hundreds of potential clients and the local business community? Find out more about exhibiting and sponsorship opportunities at the 2024 Sudbury Business Expo taking place at Sudbury Town Hall.
Control the Controllables
Control the Controllables
What would have to happen? We examine the power of controlling the controllable... and ignoring everything else!
Do you REALLY know?
Do you REALLY know?
We can all agree – customers are the lifeblood of all our businesses. Without them we wouldn’t have one. It’s important, therefore, to understand what they really think about us, our staff, our products, our service and their overall experience.
Why are they called cookies?
Why are they called cookies?
So why don’t we call them biscuits in the UK?
As a business owner, you and I can appreciate the custom we get. It keeps our business going and contributes to our plans for the future.
It still amazes me how many Sudbury business owners are still running marketing campaigns and offers WITHOUT deadlines.
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