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The other week, I had the pleasure of going for a test ride on an electric bike or e-bike, courtesy of those good folks at Torque Bikes in Ballingdon, Sudbury. For me, an E-Bike is a real game changer. Here are 8 reasons why I think you should get one
By now, the Christmas Decs will be packed away, you'll be into the full swing of work and back to your regular routine. But how are those new year’s resolutions coming along? Still going strong? Still thinking about it or have you knocked them on the head and you're back on the sofa scoffing chocolate?
The Joy of Knitting
The Joy of Knitting
The Joy of Knitting - why I love it, why you should love it and how it’ll make the world a better place
The schools break up over the next few days and the Summer holidays are just around the corner. Ah six weeks school free, you might even manage to take off a little time off from work yourself. Then the realisation hits you... 6 weeks with the kids! What are we going to do?
It feels to me, since the overwhelming success of Team GB in the Olympics and Tour de France, we have been hit by cycling fever. Never has riding a bike been so popular with all age groups.
Sporting challenge number 2 was to give Karate a go. So off I went to Ormiston Sudbury Academy to try it out
Penny The Crafter
Penny The Crafter
Upstairs At The Market - Embracing my Inner Crafter
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