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HEART of ENGLAND fine foods (HEFF) is launching a ‘Try Something Local’ scheme to encourage customers back into local eateries. Let's make sure people know just how great our Shrewsbury pubs and restaurants are!
Valentine's Day in Shrewsbury
Valentine's Day in Shrewsbury
If you're intending to celebrate Valentine's Day in Shrewsbury this year, have a read. From recommended restaurants to romantic prizes in thebestof's 14 Days of Love campaign.... We have it all for you lovers out there.
The merger between two of Shropshire’s longest established law firms, Lanyon Bowdler and LG Solicitors was celebrated recently with a midsummer drinks reception held in the Paddock Suite at the Wynnstay Hotel & Spa in Oswestry.
So MasterShout 2010 is over... Boo.... Eight weeks of culinary genius, culinary incompetence and of course a lot of shouting and salivating.
Nights in in Shrewsbury
Nights in in Shrewsbury
Absolutely cream crackered as of late - a combination of work, training at the lovely Freefighters, searching for my first employee (now found, more of that later) and Noodles. Not noodles of the 'student food' variety but Noodles as in my cat.
How much do you know about curry? There are some great Indian Restaurants in Shrewsbury so there's plenty of research material (!) but here are ten facts you can use to impress fellow diners the next time you hit the poppadoms....
Even Mr Magoo can tell that the look of the site has changed a teensy bit.... thebestof's '14 Days of Love' has officially started, our chance to show some appreciation to the Shrewsbury businesses we really do love.
This current bout of lurgy that's going round is a right pain. I've been laid up for days now and although my wife says it's just a sniffle, I know better. It's a particularly virulent strain of full-on man flu.
Back blogging after a little break - when my 2nd daughter was born! Yes, Holly Rao joined us on December 13th, coming in at a respectable yet not totally pain-free 7lb 6oz.
Party Harty season
Party Harty season
So the Christmas party season in Shrewsbury is beginning.... Have you been invited to any yet? As Emma is due with baby no.2 any day now I have the social life of a hermit with hallitosis, but I still enjoy hearing about other people's party fun.
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