About TheBestOf Shrewsbury

about thebestof Shrewsbury

How we promote businesses

Thebestof Shrewsbury is the ultimate guide for information on recommended local businesses. Our mission is to help people find reputable independent shops and services. Our business clients enjoy super-high traffic through our website of course, but we also shout about them via regular e-newsletters, our blog and social media channels. We are not  a 'name and number' directory!

We are all about hard work and quality, and for that - we charge the businesses we promote. Sorry...! So if you are a business looking for free advertising, we're not able to help you. You charge for your services, and so do we. But we will bust our backsides for you. We will get your name out into the marketplace and show people why you're good at what you do.

If you are a business that needs an expert, experienced hand with your marketing, and you have a budget, please call Kim on 01743 491356.

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Our vision

thebestof Shrewsbury is a gathering point for the community as well as great businesses. We are a hub for thebestof everything local, where you can find amazing shops and services as recommended by real people, access sizzling special offers, keep up to date with what's happening in Shrewsbury and promote your (non commercial) events free of charge.

Ultimately, our shared passion for Shrewsbury is to see it grow and prosper for the businesses and people within it.

Our experience

Thebestof Shrewsbury launched in March 2006. We are a husband-and-wife business with a great team behind us in our Shrewsbury Business Park office. We love working with happy, smiley business owners. From sorting out their local advertising to designing leaflets, building websites and managing social media... we have the experience and people to help. Our directors have worked in Marketing since the mid 1990s, so that's a lot of knowledge to benefit our clients!