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It has just been announced that the government’s plans to increase probate fees are to be delayed ahead of the June 8th snap general election. For thousands, the increase in fees would have meant facing a significant rise in probate costs.
The manager of a popular Shropshire specialist plants centre has warned gardeners that the chances of buying a rare pine tree and tree ferns from Australia may be restricted if the future.
Dashboard-mounted cameras, or ‘dash cams’ as they’re more commonly known, have grown in popularity and availability in recent years – with most petrol stations selling them from over the counter. But are they what they seem, and are they worth the money?
Following the announcement last week that Uber lost a tribunal case focused on the employment rights of its drivers, a local solicitor is warning that the ruling could affect thousands of other workers across the Midlands.
What if your private data were leaked? Chris Pallett of Bespoke Computing has some answers...
Probably the final proof – if it were still needed – that everyone needs to take their password management much more seriously came with the revelation that online behemoth, Yahoo!, has managed to mislay half a billion (yes, you read that right) sets of account details.
If the mind is busy complaining, how can it find the energy for the creation of new opportunities for relationships, job, etc..? The vibrations emitted by complaining emit magnetic waves on hippocampal neurons, switching them off. So how can we stop complaining?
Unused holiday currency is usually either forgotten about or thrown away, but local charity - The Shropshire Rural Communities Charity – can make use of it!
Are you still dreaming the super-fast dream? Even today internet access speeds are the bugbear of many a business owner and manager in Shrewsbury and Shropshire...
There is a very murky side to the world of computing...
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