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If you are looking to improve your health and wellbeing, then a swim spa is a fantastic investment.
For many people, outdoor areas such as gardens become an underutilised part of the home – but it doesn’t have to be that way.
At Love Plants garden centre in Shrewsbury, April marks the exciting transition into the vibrant realm of spring.
Our choice of conservatory design can impact your home massively, so we’re here to ensure you have all of the information you need to choose the right one.
In the enchanting realm of gardening, winter challenges both you and your plants to weather the elements.
Sure, heat pumps sound like a great energy-saving tactic, but it is suitable for your property and if so which type is best suited to you?
A plant centre based in Shrewsbury are hoping that a dedicated two month redesign will boost customer footfall as avid gardeners prepare for the 2024 gardening season.
Buying a home in Telford in 2024, while challenging, can be a rewarding experience with the right preparation and support.
The sight of the first snowdrops peeking through the soil always fills me with anticipation for a new gardening year.
As the temperatures drop and winter settles in, you might be tempted to pack away your hot tub until the weather warms up again.
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