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8th April 2010
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So MasterShout 2010 is over... Boo.... Eight weeks of culinary genius, culinary incompetence and of course a lot of shouting and salivating. Considering my main TV loves are things like 24, FlashForward and The Bill, a programme about people cooking seems a bit out of place. But I love it. And John and Gregg are brilliant. Although after hundreds of tastings it's a miracle they can still fit through the door.

I went out with Emma and a client for lunch last week. We plumped on Romolo as 1) it's owned by Franco Subbiani, and he knows a thing or two about cooking and hospitality, and 2) it was near. I don't know that much about food but I know what I love. And I don't just mean pizza and red wine. So we ended up lunching at Romolo and it was excellent. And just £9.75 for two courses!! How good is that?

Another client enjoyed a birthday meal at Draper's Hall on Saturday. Perfect for genuine foodies celebrating a special occasion. MasterChef quality cooking courtesy of Nigel Huxley and team. Maybe Nigel should go for MasterChef - The Professionals? Although I think it's Celebrity MasterChef up next.

So the current series may have come to an end but we have enough restaurants in Shrewsbury to keep our juice buds flowing. Whether it's burger and chips or patterns on a plate, we do OK in Shropshire. Just don't get me talking about The Bill. I can't believe that's ending either.... To be replaced by more programmes on Jordan and Alex, no doubt. Great....

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