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This Winter has been tough on our cars as well as us! ChipsAway Shrewsbury explains how their car body repairs team can deal with any of your vehicle paintwork that has suffered.
Everyone's excited about Christmas in Shrewsbury but already people are talking about the New Year and what 2011 may bring... apart from a Royal Wedding of course.
How to sharpen up your CV
How to sharpen up your CV
A Shrewsbury recruitment firm was recently looking for a Junior IT person for one of their clients and were amazed by the response. Over 400 applications and just one job... so where do you start shortlisting, asks Chimène Felton of Mercia Recruitment.
How good is your car insurance? Stephen Scully, solicitor and specialist in motoring law with Lanyon Bowdler solicitors, recently dealt with matters before Telford Magistrates Court involving clients who genuinely believed they were insured...
Haven't blogged for a while. Been running around and trying to spin plates at the same time. Very difficult. But I was sent a newsletter yesterday by Shrewsbury Business Member, Cleartone Communications that had some very interesting stuff to share....
Are you one of the millions of people who love twittering? I don’t mean jabbering away about nothing like my mother-in-law on a long car journey but using the social media phenomenon that is Twitter.
Feeling the heat
Feeling the heat
Phew, what a scorcher. I'm half Indian and am feeling it. Letting down my race terribly. Why can't it be a balmy 22 degrees or something though? Even getting out of bed in this weather requires monumental effort and a litre of water afterwards.
Nights in in Shrewsbury
Nights in in Shrewsbury
Absolutely cream crackered as of late - a combination of work, training at the lovely Freefighters, searching for my first employee (now found, more of that later) and Noodles. Not noodles of the 'student food' variety but Noodles as in my cat.
Deep Freeze in Shrewsbury
Deep Freeze in Shrewsbury
Good grief, is it cold or what? Wouldn't like to be a brass monkey in this weather. -14 this morning when I tried to drive to Solihull for thebestof Regional Meeting.
I am always coming across DIY websites. There's a host of free web packages out there and whilst some folks have done an admirable job on the whole they're pretty bad!
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