Deep Freeze in Shrewsbury
8th January 2010
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Good grief, is it cold or what? Wouldn't like to be a brass monkey in this weather. -14 this morning when I tried to drive to Solihull for thebestof Regional Meeting. I soon turned back when I realised I couldn't feel my feet or see out of any the windows. Not safe at all.

So I'm back in my warm-ish office. I'm still having to type in gloves though, so excuse the typos. Everyone around us has upped their log spend whilst my wife makes me work in Scrooge-like conditions. (If you've got a wood burner and are feeling the chill, give DJ Price a bell.)

A lot of people are migrating to the gym; not just to get that Adonis figure back but to get warm on the treadmill or perhaps even set up camp in the sauna. I still can't believe it was -14.... Maybe it's up to a balmy 0 degrees by now. Ice everywhere so I'll be slipping about on my evening dog walk like Torvill and Dean. But at least it's not raining....

What else do you need in this weather? A good hat and thermos, naturally, but make sure you know a reliable plumber. No point sticking a pin in a directory when your radiators suddenly cut out. Hopefully one of my daughters will be practical and learn a trade one day; Emma and I both went to university but BAs in Politics and English don't get you far when your boiler packs up.

Finally, got to do a plug for Shrewsbury indie band The Insults. They are releasing their debut single for download on January 10th and are aiming to be only the 3rd Shrewsbury band to crack the UK Top 40. You can keep yourself updated with all The Insults' news by joining their Facebook page.

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