Will you feel you have been ripped off in a Jersey restaurant this Christmas?
20th November 2010
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I don’t know about you but it really annoys me when restaurants introduce their ‘Christmas Menus’ and jack up their prices at the same time. I have some sympathy with restaurants needing to charge very high prices for meals on Christmas Day and New Years Eve as they clearly have to pay their staff extra to work on these days, but why the increase in the run up to Christmas? Simple really, it’s down to market forces and the assumption that their customers loose all sense of value for money in the Christmas period.

From the restaurant’s view point this is just good economics, pre Christmas should be one of their busiest times and if they can maximise their profits in this time it will help them survive over the leaner winter months.

However for this strategy to work these restaurants have to assume that their customers will be happy to support them and be prepared to pay the excessive prices they demand.

Personally I would rather give my custom to a restaurant that continues to offer well prepared and good value meals without ramping up their prices just because it is Christmas, one such establishment is the Rozel Bar and Restaurant that is offering a really nice Christmas menu at £12.50 for two courses or £14.95 for three.

Do you know of any local restaurants that are offering good value Christmas menus also please let me know about those restaurants that are taking advantage of the season to overcharge.

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