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Life is too short to waste hours each week shopping in the supermarket! I am sure there are loads of things you would rather be doing, but you have to visit the supermarket to get all your necessary food and household consumables…right? Well actually the answer is NO, there is an alternative! You could shop on line with Mercury Deliver and they will do all the hard work for you.
It's that time of year again when we look back at what we've achieved (or not achieved) over the past year and start looking ahead to what we would like to achieve in 2014.
While we are yet to experience any really cold weather this winter I am sure the initial reaction of most people to a cold snap will be to reach for that thermostat and turn it up. Don't! Why not try turning it down instead? Even a couple of degrees can help you make substantial savings and if you're cold at night put an extra blanket on your bed.
Moving house is always a stressful time, there is so much to organise in a short space of time. One of the elements you have to get right is selecting a good removals company. In Jersey you can’t go wrong with AC Removals.
This is no longer the impossible dream as in the recent past. With the large range of properties now on the market sellers are having to be realistic if they want to sell and Benest Estates have a property for sale that you will be interested in.
Today’s world is a mobile one. Technology provides us with the flexibility to work, communicate, be informed and be entertained, all while on the move. As our flexibility increases, however, so do the risks to the information that is accessible from the devices that cater to our mobile needs.
Unless you know of one, finding a good tradesman can be a pretty hit or miss exercise. I am asking for you help to identify great Jersey tradesmen so that we can let more local people know about them and what makes them special.
Trying to sell a property in Jersey can be a challenge with many properties remaining unsold for a long time. These top tips from Carole Stockhill at Maillard’s could make the difference and help you get a buyer within a reasonable timescale.
The Christmas shopping season is now well under way and this is the first of a number of pre Christmas Blogs in which I will highlight some excellent local businesses that offer great value for money gifts.
Details of the Maillards featured property of the week is set to become a regular spot on my Blog on a Friday. Keep your eyes open they have some wonderful properties on their books!
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