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‘thebestof’ Jersey is all about ‘local’ and we love showcasing the best local businesses, events and island information. By leaving a review for a local business and you could win £100, interested?
If you own or run a business did you know that procrastination is your deadly enemy?
Have you met Bob?
Have you met Bob?
Bob’s a robot security guard tasked with helping security officers to keep the G4S office safe and secure.
There was an interesting lesson for anyone who owns or manages a business in what happened during the match last Saturday. Can you guess what it was?
Would you like to win £100?
Would you like to win £100?
‘thebestof’ Jersey is all about ‘local’ and we love showcasing the best local businesses, events and island information. Currently we are looking for more business recommendations so I want to provide an incentive for local people to tell us about the excellent local businesses they know and trust. You could win £100, interested?
A lot of business owners who are new to Twitter struggle to post suitable and engaging tweets and to build up the number of people who follow them, so how, as a busy business owner, can you use Twitter wisely to raise your profile?
As social media sites like Twitter continue to grow they offer a wonderful opportunity for media savvy businesses to connect with existing and potential customers.
At thebestof Jersey we proud to promote the best businesses in the island and I often get asked ‘how do you know if they are the best business’?
14 Days of Love is coming!
14 Days of Love is coming!
This has not been a good year for Jersey, we have seen a fair number of high profile business closures and the number of local workers un-employed is growing. With the futures of HMV and Blockbuster hanging in the balance it’s all a bit doom and gloom at the moment. This is your opportunity to brighten up the day of your favourite local businesses and tell them that they are loved and appreciated.
These can be difficult times for young people looking to start a career in Jersey. The news from the finance industry these days tends to be more about downsizing than growth so I was very pleased to see that RBC are bucking the trend and are still offering opportunities.
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