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7th February 2022
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⏱️ When’s The Right Time?

We’ve spoken before about how important and powerful reviews can be for your business.

They play a huge part in how you come across to potential customers. 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

❓Just think, who would you be more likely to talk to, visit or buy from – a business with a couple of reviews (or even worse – none at all) or a business that has dozens?

🤝There’s an immediate sense of credibility and trust when you see a well-reviewed business.

🤷 But the challenges facing business owners and their staff is firstly, not having the confidence to ask for the reviews in the first place, believing all customers will do it in their own time and secondly, not knowing when the most effective time is to ask for them.

👉 So our suggestion this week is two-fold.

1️. Never assume your customers will “do it later” as life will get in the way and they’ll either forget or just not feel as compelled to do it the longer it’s left – which leads us to our 2nd point…

2️. Ask for reviews when the customer is at their happiest. Customers are so much more likely to say something good about you when you’ve JUST delivered for them.

So here’s some examples.

🎁 If you’re a mail order business, put a “Please leave us a review” card in the box/packaging.

🍽️ A restaurant – when the customer has finished and asked for the bill, pop a card on the table whilst they’re waiting for the bill to arrive – it gives them something to do and they’re less likely to do it after they’ve paid the bill as they’ll be in the “let’s go home” mindset by then.

🔧 Tradespeople – When you’ve finished the job and you’re tidying up and putting things into your van – again, gives the customer something to do and they won’t feel pressured as you’re not standing over them waiting awkwardly.

⌚ Essentially, whatever business you’re in, ask for the reviews as soon as you can after the experience or purchase has happened.

☎️ We have a lot more to offer regarding reviews. So if you’d like some more guidance and advice on how reviews can transform your business, just give us a call. ☎️ 07700 359520 or email:jersey@thebestof.co.uk


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