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To win the TV all you need do is log the highest score of anyone competing on our TheBestof games by the 6th January 2011. However hundreds of people across the UK are also trying to win so you will have to be a bit of a computer games wizard.
Last weekend I had to organise some flights for a long weekend away to combine a business trip that I needed to make to visit The Best of HQ in Birmingham and to help my daughter (Louise) with her bags to move into Lancaster Uni. We flew BMI Baby.
The news that the States will be reducing the subsidy paid to fee paying secondary schools will not be good news for many parents with children at the schools affected.
Dogs (and dog mess)
Dogs (and dog mess)
If you own a dog there are at least two things that you can be sure of, they will bark at the postman and produce a prodigious amount of dog poo. What really annoys me is owners who do not clear up after their pets when walking on the beach or sand dunes.
While the campaign goes on to prevent development of the site and return it to nature the condition of the old Holiday Village on the headland at Plemont is getting worse and worse.
So it’s back to long dark evenings and getting home in the dark after work. Personally I wish Jersey (and the UK) would decide to adopt the continental double summer time system that would give us lighter evenings year round.
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