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12th January 2022
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🍟 When you hear the phrase “Supersizing”, if you immediately think of McDonalds then you’re on the right track. They, of course, made this strategy in business, really famous with the simple phrases – “Would you like fries with that?” and “Would you like to go large?”.

📈 And by putting that in systematically, across their whole business, they increased the average transaction value of each customer who walked through the door or drove through the drive through because they offered an additional small item to purchase alongside the original item.

🧅 A fish and chip shop up in the north of England added £15,000 to their bottom line in one year by simply asking everybody who bought fish and chips “Shall I pop a pickled onion in there for you?”

🤑 15 grand on pickled onions – who’d have thought?

💻 It’s a strategy you’ll now see online all the time – the one click upsell. It’s where you buy one thing and in the shopping cart there’s a “Would you like this?” option presented as well and one little click and it’s added to the order.

💰 Those transactions have a significant impact on the profitability of those organisations.

😀 It’s one of the easiest strategies for small businesses to implement quickly.

👍 So why not give it a go. Look at one or some of your smaller products or services and ask every customer/client your version of “would you like fries with that?”.

❗ The trick is to make it systematic.

🙌 Offer it to everyone and you’ll soon see a noticeable change in your turnover and profits.


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