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It’s great to Buy Local!
It’s great to Buy Local!
From the latest bestsellers to designer clothing and the latest electronic devices, the internet has revolutionised our ability to compare prices and shop for all sorts of goods and as in most places many Jersey people now buy from the internet on a regular basis. However here’s a few good reasons to buy locally!!
Life is too short to waste hours each week shopping in the supermarket! I am sure there are loads of things you would rather be doing, but you have to visit the supermarket to get all your necessary food and household consumables…right? Well actually the answer is NO, there is an alternative! You could shop on line with Mercury Deliver and they will do all the hard work for you.
Whether you’re having a clear out, moving property or simply want to make a bit of extra dosh, taking a pitch at a car boot sale can be an excellent way to get other people to pay you for the items you don’t want anymore.
While we at ‘thebestof’ are 100% supporters of local people buying locally and spending their money in the island not all internet shopping should be condemned out of hand. There are some instances when buying on-line has no negative impact on the local economy and is also highly convenient.
In the busy Christmas period, there is nothing more important than the Christmas shop window to attract the shoppers through the retailers’ door, increase the footfall and encourage customers to buy local! For the third year running, all St Helier retailers will be asked to dress to impress!! Commencing 28th November
What an achievement, this business has survived the 1st World War, the Depression of the 1930’s, the German Occupation, the decline in the Jersey tourism industry and the recent recession which has seen many local business go under. Well done to Colin and Andrew Letto all their team.
Everyone’s on a budget but how is it that every Christmas the budget gets blown and you end up paying for it through the rest of the year?...
Many local businesses are gearing up for what should be their busiest time of the year, in some cases the success of the festive season trading will decide if the business will continue to trade into 2014. A vibrant local retail sector depends on the support of us all, so please support local businesses this Christmas.
Why buy local?
Why buy local?
There is no doubt that local retail businesses are working in a much tougher environment than was the case even a few years ago. The increase in people buying on-line, combined with dwindling visitor numbers, locals feeling the pinch economically and high rentals have all added up to more local businesses closing down and an increase in the number of empty shops in town.
Christmas and the New Year are just around the corner and I am sure that many events connected with the festive season are being planned that will be of interest to both islanders and visitors. Also many local businesses will be making special offers or promotions in the run up to Christmas and the New Year. You are invited to promote your event on our popular Events pages, this service is free of charge!
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