Jersey Fine Tea’s Field Manager
11th February 2021
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So, it’s time to properly introduce this important lady who’s been cropping up in our social feeds with Alicia. Lucyna, pictured on the right, is our newly appointed field manager. And makeup maestro – even in the fields, she’s nightclub ready.

Lucyna’s been kicking around Jersey since 2003, so we figure she likes it here! A country lass, she hails from Pustków, a small village in the south of Poland, where her parents had a small farm.

She’s a trained chemist technician, with a specialism in food analysis, although most of her working life she’s been drawn to the outdoors and practical work.

It was while working for Jersey Fine Tea last year that Alicia spotted her potential. Lucyna was curious from the get-go and eager to understand more about tea growing, picking and processing. When Alicia offered her the position there was no doubt in her mind that she wanted to be part of the tea team.

Now, she’s busy devouring Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea tome, so she has without doubt got all the passion and drive we like in our tea folks.

Quick-fire questions:

JFT: Your favourite tea?
L: Green
JFT: What makes you happy?
L: Working! Especially on a warm sunny day with positive vibes in the air.  
JFT: Dream job (leading question… )?
L: I think the job that makes you feel happy and satisfied. I will have exactly what I want as Field Manager.
JFT: Good answer. Next holiday destination?
L: When it’s safe and possible, Poland.

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