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28th July 2021
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Far from being a plant just suited to the steamy tropics, we learned that the Camellia sinensis tea bush grows more slowly in cooler conditions, which encourages finesse and fine flavour in the finished tea.

The knowledge that our Jersey climate had potential to produce high quality tea captivated us, and we immediately began our research.

Come 2017 we were more than satisfied by the merits of three sheltered microclimates and started planting. Six acres on, and a few lessons learned, our plants had bedded in well and we’d experimented widely with different processing techniques to establish what best suited our Jersey tea leaves.

We launched in November 2020 with small batches of whole-leaf black, green and white tea, all complex and expressive examples.

We’re very proud of what this young Jersey tea company has managed to achieve in a short time, and unashamedly enjoy to sip and savour the results of our efforts – we hope that you too will enjoy our tea.

Meet some of our talented tea team...

Alicia Gentili - Project Manager & Tea Maker

When it comes to tea, I’m as enthusiastic as they come. I delight in all aspects of the magical beverage from its rich history, ability to connect cultures, facilitate social gatherings, inspire mindfulness and, of course, to its sublime taste and aroma.

I’ve worked across many sectors in the tea industry but from the first moment I made tea in Oregon, I knew I’d found my calling.

Growing and making tea in a new growing region is a challenge I’ve whole-heartedly embraced, and I’m thrilled by what we’re achieving so quickly and by the exciting prospects to come.

Eunice Pallot - Marketing & Tea Consultant

Like most Brits, I’ve been drinking tea all my life, but my Damascene tea moment didn’t come until I was in my 30s working in the London wine trade. Like fine wine, I discovered that fine tea could also reflect its origins, and have a complexity and beauty that takes time to appreciate.

Thoroughly converted, and after relocating to Jersey, I took the opportunity to set up my own online tea business importing whole-leaf teas that represented some of my favourite discoveries.

Then, to my astonishment, in 2017 Jersey Fine Tea formed and started growing tea here on the island. More accustomed to looking a few 1000 miles east of Gorey for quality tea, I was thrilled to join the team in spring 2020, and to continue doing what I love.

For more details take a look at their website - Jersey Fine Tea


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