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de Gruchy has announced that its iconic Brasserie Restaurant will operate in partnership with Tiffin from the beginning of January 2016.
Last week, the largest commercial grower in Jersey entered a consultation period with its workforce. Amalgrow, a business at the heart of our growing community, seemingly just can’t make the economics of a small population work.
Life is too short to waste hours each week shopping in the supermarket! I am sure there are loads of things you would rather be doing, but you have to visit the supermarket to get all your necessary food and household consumables…right? Well actually the answer is NO, there is an alternative! You could shop on line with Mercury Deliver and they will do all the hard work for you.
Many people prefer to avoid the work involved in preparing Christmas lunch and local restaurants are only too happy to accommodate them. As always some offerings will be better than others and I am interested to find out if there are any good deals around.
I was sorry to learn that North Point Bistro in St.Ouen has recently ceased trading and the restaurant is now closed. They join an increasing list of Jersey restaurants that have closed in recent years. So for the many restaurants that remain what are the necessary ingredients to continue successfully?
With the festive season now upon us many people will be eating out, both at work related does and with family & friends, also many people will also be eating out on Christmas day. This is a time of year when restaurants expect to make good money but some offer a much better overall experience than others. Please help us identify the saints and the sinners in the local restaurant business.
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