5 Seconds to Success or Failure!
1st March 2023
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When visitors land on your website you have just 5 seconds to get their attention, confirm to them that they're in the right place, that you can provide what they're looking for, why they should choose you - and hook them in.

Why just five seconds?

Because, with broadband speeds being faster than ever before, surfing the internet is easy and people can look at several sites in a matter of minutes – meaning their attention spans are falling more and more every year.

If a visitor can't find what they want in just a few seconds, they'll probably leave and look elsewhere.

So what's the test?

Well, unsurprisingly it's called:

The Five Second Test

Here's how it works: 

Show people who don't know your business your website homepage for just five seconds. Then immediately ask them what it is the business does.

You'll be amazed at the responses you get! 

Having a clear message that explains what you do on your website is crucial. So do this test with a few people and if they're not getting what you're selling, then it might be time for a re-think! 

Want to do this properly?

It can be hard to find people who don't know what your business does so you can test this properly. So, if you want to test this for yourself, check out the official five second test by Usability Hub here: 


OR drop us an e-mail with your web address and we’ll give you that all important feedback of whether you have a good chance of keeping potential customers on your website, or, if you’re at risk of letting them slip through and going to a competitor – jersey@thebestof.co.uk

Now, get your stopwatch out and get testing!


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