Will you be voting in the Referendum to decide on the make- up of the States?
10th April 2013
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A quick overview of the basics:

1) When is the Referendum?

Voting day is 24th April, with the Polls being open from 8.00am to 20.00. There is also an option to vote in advance by post or at St Paul's Centre, in St Helier, from 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday until 14:00 on 22 April.

2) Who can vote?

Only those on the island's electoral roll are able to vote on three options for possible changes to the States.

3) What are the options?

• Option A will see 42 deputies elected from six large voting districts.

• Option B will have 30 deputies elected from six districts and 12 parish constables.

• Option C will maintain the status quo of eight senators elected island wide, 29 deputies in a range of constituency sizes and 12 parish constables.

4) What’s the voting process?

The Referendum is being operated as an alternative vote election and people will be asked to rank their choices. Islanders will vote by putting a 1 next to their preferred option, a 2 next to the second favourite and a 3 next to their least favourite.

On election night volunteers at each polling station will count the first choice votes for each option. When all the results across the island have been announced if one option has gained over 50% of the vote that will be the winner and the counting will be over.

If not then the votes will be re-counted based on second preference.

As I understand the process what will then happen is that the voting papers for the option that received the least first choice votes across the island will be recounted. This time the second choice of these voters will be added to the count of the remaining two options. At this point the option with the most votes will win.

It should be noted that the second preferences are only counted if your first preference vote is for the option that gets the fewest votes and, if that happens, your second preference vote is counted as part of the final count. So everyone that votes will see their vote count.

5) Where can I find out more?

The best un-biased summary is available on the States website, click here for details.

Also the supporters of each option are using Social Media to promote their choice, the details are as follows:

Option A: Website http://theateam.org.je/  (lots of info)Twitter: @TheATeamJersey , (128 Followers) Facebook http://www.facebook.com/theAteamJersey  (150 Likes as of 10th April)

Option B: Website http://optionb.je / (currently just a title page), Twitter: @BforJersey (144 Followers),https://www.facebook.com/pages/Option-B-For-Jersey/626331294060047 (46 Likes)

Option C: Website http://optionc.je / (lots of info), Twitter: @OptionCJersey (83 Followers) Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Option-C-Jersey/524259634293710?ref=hl  (137 Likes)

I hope the above was helpful and I would be pleased to hear from you, will you be voting (or not) and have you decided on how to vote yet. Personally I am still undecided and am open to reasons on why I should support a particular option.

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