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15th May 2013
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I am sure that no one wants to see more small local St.Helier businesses close down and to help stop this happening what we all need to do is consciously do our best to buy local!

With every-one committed to supporting local business, combined with a loyal and active community, we can help keep St.Helier as an active and vibrant town....

What Good Does Buying Locally Do?

1. It stimulates Jersey's economy. If you shop in our local shops, it helps to keep the money that you spend within the island, rather than see it go elsewhere.

2. A vibrant town is also important for the tourist industry, the last thing tourists want is to visit a town with lots of empty shops and with those remaining all being familiar UK high street chain stores

3. It helps local people keep their jobs. The people who work in local businesses live in the island. By buying locally, you help your neighbours keep their jobs and that benefits your whole community.

4. Local businesses give back locally. Often our local businesses support local charities and sports clubs by donating gifts and by raising money for good causes. By supporting these businesses, we can help ensure that they can support the community.

5. By shopping in St.Helier’s markets you are not only supporting the small stall holders that operate there but if you're buying locally grown food, it’s really good for the environment because you're helping local farmers keep their farms operational instead of shutting down and selling to developers. It’s the same with buying local fish, you are supporting the Jersey fishing industry.

6. It promotes a sense of community. If you want to get to know local people, supporting your local businesses is a great way to do that as you can have a chat on the way to or in your local shops with all your friends and neighbours – which makes you feel really good! Well it works for me!

So my message is, please think carefully before you press the ‘buy’ button on that internet purchase, if you can obtain locally and at a similar price why not give on-line a miss and buy locally?

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