Where do you find really good value, ready to wear, designer men’s suits in Jersey?
10th June 2012
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The the common acceptance of ‘business casual’ in the Jersey Finance Industry had resulted in many male office workers no longer needing to wear a suit for work on a routine basis. However I am sure that in most businesses there are occasions when there is a need to look smart and a suit is required.

I have to admit that when I worked in a regime where suits were the order of the day for men I tended to buy a couple of cheap day to day suits and wear these to destruction, when I would buy another two cheapies as replacements, I did however normally have a decent suit that I paid a bit more for that I kept for ‘best’. What I suspect is happening is that many men now just buy a single suit to wear on special occasions and this is where City Suits come in.

I am sure that many people have passed their shop in La Motte Street (opposite what was the Central Park restaurant) without giving it a second glance as the shop front is quite narrow, however once inside you are confronted with an amazing selection of quality men’s suits, dress shirts and accessories. In fact they stock everything a man could want to help him feel smart and elegant.

Valerie Lincoln who owns and personally manages City Suits selects her stock with care and as she knows the tastes of local business men I am sure that most will find a suit that they like and better still can afford, in stock.  Valerie chooses the suit manufacturers she deals with very carefully, always with an eye for style combined with quality and reasonable price. The result is that you too can own a designer suit from City Suits that you know looks great, will last well and did not cost a fortune.

Also please keep an eye open for the Special Offers that are a regular event with City Suits which is in line with their policy of ‘giving something back’ to their valued customers.

For more information about City Suits please click here.

Finally, I would be very interested in hearing from anyone that has recently bought a suit from City Suits, please email me at jersey@thebestof.co.uk


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