When shopping what’s more important price or service?
25th September 2010
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There is no doubt that shopping on the internet has had a profound effect on the lives of many shoppers as well as many local businesses which have found this type of competition to be most unwelcome. With increasing numbers of internet suppliers joining the market the competion faced by local retailers can only increase.

While there are many reasons for shopping on-line, a few being:

  • Ease of purchase (from your PC, so definitely)
  • Price (possibly)
  • Choice (probably)
  • Speed of delivery (maybe)

Against these attractions, the local retailer can hit back with:

  • Touch and feel (definitely)
  • Personal service and guidance (could be a winner?)
  • Speed of delivery (immediate – so long as it is in stock)
  • Local reputation (maybe)

Many people will continue to shop locally come what may but local shops need to win over those who do or would consider buying over the internet. While service is important so is price and many small local retailers cannot compete with the internet suppliers. So what is more important to you service or price?

If you local supplier is close to the internet price would you use them?
Please let me know.


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