What’s the most important asset any business should have?
15th May 2012
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Well, do we agree? The most important asset of any business is it’s database – which includes current customers, past customers and prospects.

Many businesses are quite good at building a database of customers but many neglect their prospects and some just do nothing to develop or maintain such a database.

The reality is that developing a process to build and nurture your database is the single most useful thing you could do to ensure the success of your business. Yet so many people in business either pay lip service to it or ignore this notion altogether, which is bonkers.

This is not just my view it is supported by Nigel Botterill, who founded ‘theBestof’ back in 2005 and is based on his experience and what he’s learned in the past 10 years about what it takes to develop and grow £1m+ businesses. In his view there is not a situation where he would not move heaven and earth to build a database and use it. Deployed properly Nigel is convinced that it rapidly fast tracks your route to success.

Now you may feel that you could’nt apply that you your business, you may be thinking that because of what you sell, where you sell or some other reason that this just does not apply to you. Well, I have to tell you, that from what I know and also from the vast experience of Nigel, you are wrong. My firm recommendation would be that you give proper focus and energy to building your database of customers past and present and prospects the quicker you will see the results.

An effective database allows you to keep in contact with your customers and prospects and helps ensure that they are aware of what you are doing and increases the chances that they will use your business in future.

I will do a follow up Blog shortly on some ideas on how to use your database effectively.

If anyone has any thoughts on this or feedback on how they have used a database successfully in their business please let me know at jersey@thebestof.co.uk.


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