What Jersey business has surpassed your expectations recently?
26th October 2011
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As you know at ‘The Best of Jersey’ we go out of our way to identify and showcase the very best local businesses.

We rely on local people telling us about such businesses so that we can continue to increase the number of excellent and recommended businesses that we profile. This is why I am asking for your help by letting us know of any local businesses that you use and trust which you feel are worthy of the accolade of being an ‘exceptional’ .

So how do you recognise a business an exceptional business?

  • Do the staff always strive to provide wonderful, consistent, knowledgeable service that is focused on the needs of the customer and not just ‘closing the sale’? All restaurants, hotels and shops should be aspiring to deliver such service.
  • Does it deliver a first class product consistently and at a reasonable price? Customers need to feel that are getting value for money.
  • Does it offer services or goods that are in some way different or unique? This is the Apple (iPhone/iPod/iPad etc.) approach but would, as an example, also work with local crafts.
  • Does it deliver a new service or goods that no one else has?
  • Are the staff always happy to ‘go that extra mile’ for their customers? This again is all about customer service, you will remember a business that has gone out of their way to help you, particularly if there was no monetary gain involved for them.
  • Does it offer excellent value. If a business is cheaper than their competition it is likely that they will win business, however they need to ensure that this not the only reason customers use them as if they lose the price advantage they will also lose their customers.

We are interested in any sort of local business, large or small. We want to let more people know about these wonderful businesses.

You can recommend a business easily and quickly, please click here.

I look forward to finding out which local businesses are really connecting with their customers and providing that little bit ‘extra’ that will lead them to success.

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