Want to Save Money This Christmas?
20th November 2013
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According to a recent survey from Morrisons, the average family spends an extra £165 in December. But it is possible to cut the expense without cutting out the fun. Here’s some the tips to have a festive and frugal Christmas.

Reduce Present Lists

Have the conversation with family and/or friends about Christmas presents. Why not agree with some friends that you won't exchange gifts this year or set a price limit. Or maybe just buy for children? Or even make a pact that you'll only buy for birthdays and not for Christmas. You'll probably find your friend or relative is relieved too and it takes a lot of stress out of the season too when you aren't panicking about what to get everyone!

Shop wisely for food

Buying the festive food can be an expensive business, even though Jersey does not have any of the discount supermarkets (such as  as Aldi or Lidl) which are doing so well in the UK it is still possible to save money by shopping wisely. If you are a member of the Co Op you can also take advantage of double divvy until the end of November so it pays to shop now rather than wait until December. Generally shop around, different supermarkets will offer different deals and if you shop carefully you could save a considerable sum.

... but don't buy too much

Most hosts will want to put on a plentiful spread, but it's easy to overestimate the amount that people will tuck away. If you don't want to waste food – or the money you've spent buying it – buy carefully and avoid over catering particularly with perishable items that will just get thrown away if not eaten quickly.


Cut the drinks bill

Alcohol often flows freely over the festive period and costs can quickly mount. However most local supermarkets and wine merchants are desperate to win your festive business and there are some great offers out there. As with food it pays to shop around to find the best deals and save. Also if you are hosting a party don’t be proud, supply cheaper rather than more expensive wine, no one will notice or care!

Sell unwanted items

Get on Jersey Insight (www.jtinsight.com), to sell household items and clothing that you no longer need, use or wear. Your old stuff could generate quite a bit of money for the Christmas kitty and also free up space for your new Christmas goodies, it will require some effort, as you'll have to photograph the item, list it and arrange delivery. You could also think about EBay but then shipping and payment issues become more difficult

Cut postage costs

Have you bought a stamp lately? The price of posting seems to have gone through the roof. Father Christmas might have his elves to cut delivery costs, but we mere mortals can also make savings. One option that would actually eliminate postage costs is to move sending an e-card instead.

For large or heavy packages it is also worth checking with local courier services to see if they are cheaper than Jersey Post.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year with all that money you'll save.

Finally if you have any money saving tips for Christmas please let me know by emailing me at jersey@thebestof.co.uk and I will share these additional suggestions in a future Blog.


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