There are new top scorers in Jersey on TheBestof games. Will someone local win a 3D TV?
28th November 2010
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Just to let everyone know how Jersey gamers are doing score wise on TheBestof games. This update is as of 19th December 2010.

Over the past few days we have seen some new players and we have a new top scorer on all four of the games, the new Jersey leader board is as follows:

  • Bus Pull –  Sarah M is now leading with 9,261, the 28/11/10 leader was Jessica B with 7,978 (previous leader was Jersey Jon with 5,987)
  • Hammer Throw –  Helder F is now leading with 15,532, the 28/11/10 leader was Jessica B with 8,661 (previous leader Jersey Jon with 4,682) so we have seen a big jump in scoring on this game in past couple of weeks.
  • VIP Q Jump – lno change here, leader, Simon A with 28,415 (previous leader Andy P with 20,553)
  • Trolley Ball – Helder F is now leading with 4,547 the 28/11/10 leader was Simon A with 3,362 (previous leader Andy P with 2,285)

Well done to Sarah, Helder, Simon and the other new participants, keep trying, it would be worth it as the prize is an amazing new 3D TV.

However, the competition across TheBestof network is intense and the current leader (playing in Edinburgh) has over 190,000 points, the total of the Jersey high scores has now moved up to 57,543 compared to 48,416 on 28/11/10 so local payers are making progress but still have some way to go.

Someone has suggested to me that the reason the Jersey players are not achieving the high scores that players in the UK are getting is down to the slow speed of local broadband services compared to the UK and even Guernsey. Seems like a very likely theory to me.

In view of the problems in obtaining really high scores in Jersey I am amending the incentive that I mentioned in my original blog on this subject. What I am now offering  is a prize to the value of £100 to the person who has the highest score in Jersey (as of 6th January 2011) subject to their score being in excess of 70,000, which I think is achievable.

Please circulate to anyone you know in Jersey who likes playing computer games.


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