The wonders of superior customer service
18th October 2010
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I was at Jersey Goldsmiths last Sunday at the time of the Bellinghams Travel Fair to ask those attending if they would be prepared to provide a positive testimonial on Jersey Goldsmiths, who are one of our featured businesses and also, maybe, provide me with some recommendations on other excellent local businesses.


It was good afternoon and I ended up with nearly 60 testimonials/recommendations, with many positive comments on Jersey Goldsmiths, these will be added to their feature over the course of the next few days.


I was working close to the ‘welcome’ team from Bellingham’s and over the course of the afternoon I was really impressed with how many of their existing clients attended the Fair and how these clients, were recognised, welcomed by name, often with an exchange of kisses, the Bellingham girls remembered where people had been or were going on holiday and really made a fuss of them.


I personally tend to book my holidays over the internet and for a long time my base feeling has been that Travel Agents, as an industry, are under threat as more people book in this way. However Bellingham’s have clearly recognised that they have an advantage that no internet provider can offer – great personal service. I can see that there is a real attraction in popping in to see someone you trust with the skills to organise the holiday that you want at an attractive price and relieve you of problems and frustrations that I am sure we have all encountered in booking holiday over the internet.


I am not sure if I am yet ready to make the switch from the internet to Bellingham’s but seeing their staff in action on Sunday would definitely encourage me to think about it.


Just goes to show the power of first class customer service.


Please let me know if you know of other local businesses where this level of excellent client service is normal. I will happily let others know about them via my Blog.

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