The Wildlife of Jersey
1st July 2013
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Hi all

If you are reading this I hope you are well and enjoying the sunshine (the sun is out as I sit down to write this).

Before I start getting into the subject of this post, I feel as if I need to apologise for my lack of blogging or writing anything for thebestof Jersey. Believe me I have thought of nothing since my first post on here, but when it comes to writing a subject or topic really needs to enthuse me and develop in my mind before I write about it. Some of the problem has also been the fact that as we now enter the summer my job as the Education Officer for The National Trust for Jersey has really hit top gear and a large amount of my focus has been on this.

Anyway, enough of the excuses and blabbing on, let’s get down to business.

I was out with a delightful group of children yesterday at Hamptonne woods, guiding them through the paths and surrounding meadows, making sure they all got to experience and explore the outdoors and halfway through the metaphoric lightbulb went off and it just hit me that I think we should stand still for a minute and appreciate the wildlife that lives on Jersey. Sometimes I think I am little bit guilty of just becoming a little too familiar with our wildlife and taking it for granted. When you think about it, for an island of our size we should be incredibly proud of the animals and plants that call it their home and we need to do our upmost to protect it and shout about it that little bit more.

In the grand scheme of things Jersey is a very, very small island but we can boost to tourists and non-locals alike that we have a beautiful wild north coast full of cliffs and nesting seabirds, a network of finely crafted sand dunes full of reptiles, vibrant wildflower meadows stocked full of insect life, beautiful English woodlands with woodpeckers and squirrels, soft sandy beaches that stretch for miles, offshore reefs that welcome dolphins and birds from all over the world and a wetland site that now has the largest population of Marsh Harriers in the British Isles. Our current government do seem quite determined to build on anything and everything but there is so much life and diversity out there, especially for a small island and we should be very proud of this and take all this life under our wing.

So, my challenge to you (weather permitting) is to go for a walk in the woods, have a stroll on the beach, lie in a meadow full of flowers, watch the waves crashing on the north coast, get lost down some of our country lanes and smile at the fact that it is a part of our beautiful small island.

Oh and if you see me out and about, make sure to come and say hello.

Until next time,


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